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AD Code Bank Letter Format

ad code registration process with ad code bank letter format

AD Code is allotted by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to national banks for each of their branches. AD Code is used to trace the foreign remittances for export of goods and services.

AD Code Registration is mandatory to clear any consignment of import or export. It is also mandatory to mention the AD Code issued by the bank’s branch during submission of shipping bills with the custom office.

How to Get AD Code Letter from Bank

First of all, the Exporter or importer have to provide a request letter to the bank to obtain AD Code Letter.

Here’s is the required AD Code letter format that you have to print on your letter head and submit in the bank with your seal (stamp) and signature. You also have to attach the attested copy of Import Export Code (IEC).

NOTE: If you do not have IEC Code or your IEC is not updated from long, then first apply or get your IEC code updated. Call us on 8700801681 for IEC registration or renewal within 1 hour.

AD Code Request Letter Format

(Name of the Bank)

(Name of the Branch)

(Address & Contact No.)

Sub.: Request for issue of AD code Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are maintaining a current account, bearing number………., in your bank at………..branch. We are in the process of exporting some goods to a reputed foreign client of ours this month. Therefore, we have to submit the AD code along with other details to Customs Department at ………………. for registration.

Hence, we are kindly requesting you to provide the AD code in the form of a letter issued to the Commissioner of Customs at …………………….. The Importer Exporter Code (IEC) of our company is…………

We are enclosing herewith a format of the said letter along with all necessary information for your ready reference.

Kind request to please treat this urgent and do the needful in this regard.

Thanking you for your cooperation!

Yours faithfully,

Pvt. Ltd.


(Name of the Authorised Officer) (Designation)

Encl.: IEC Certificate

Upon receiving the request letter for AD Code in the above format, Banks should take up to an hour to issue the AD Code Letter.

Here’s the format in which Bank should issue the AD Code to you-

In case of any query related to AD Code Registration or Import Export Code you can reach out to us on 8700801681.

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